Trike Golf Series

Trike Golf Series

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Made for the golfer in you!




Change the way you play Golf! Enjoy the freedom of our trike golf series to get you and your clubs around the golf course easier!

Experience life without gas stations! Freedom with a more powerful, customizable and easy-to-ride big wheel scooter. Fat Tire Scooters are the way to go, once you have Fat, you wont go back!



    • FAT 18" tires

    • 2000 Watt brushless motor.

    • 25-30 MPH, up to 30 mile range

    • 3-4 hour charge time.

    • Removable Battery, Charge Anywhere you go!

    • Rider capacity is up to 350lbs.

    • Fully equipped with front LED headlights, rear brake lights, turn signals and horn. Front suspension, front and rear hydraulic disc brakes will ensure a safe and fun ride.

    • It has a full twist responsive throttle with LCD screen for charge, speed, headlight, rear signal indicators.

    • Comes with charger, and built in Bluetooth Speaker

    • Ready for fun trips to the beach, river, camping or just a ride around town.

    • Don’t forget to always wear a helmet.

    • • Golf Attachment& Surfboard Rack Upon Order